Lotus - Royce-III - 5ft x 6.5ft - Latex Foam Mattress -9.5"


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Lotus - Royce-III - 5ft x 6.5ft - Latex Foam Mattress -9.5"

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Royce III is a state-of-the-art hybrid springless mattress designed for pure relaxation. It features Microlatex from Belgium, exclusive to Lotus Bedding Group, for exceptional comfort and pressure point relief. The Ergo Massage Foam Base ensures proper spinal alignment and added comfort, while Stress-Free Foam, Massage Contour Pad, and HD Comfort Foam further enhance pressure distribution and alleviate discomfort. The mattress is covered with a cotton knit fabric treated with Sanicare for allergy protection, and its opened-cell structure ensures coolness and hygiene. The classic brown Velvet Velour cover adds a soft touch and an Anti-Skid fabric keeps the mattress securely in place. This mattress offers lasting comfort, support, and a peaceful night's sleep.

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₨ 99,900.00

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Key Qualities:

  • Firm hybrid springless mattress.
  • Microlatex ensures better pressure point distribution.
  • Massage Contour Pad relieves back pain.
  • Improves blood circulation and reduces numbness.
  • Opened-cell structure for airflow, coolness, and hygiene.
  • Ergo Massage Foam Base supports spinal alignment.
  • HD Comfort Foam enhances pressure point distribution.
  • Sanicare-coated cover inhibits dust and allergies.
  • Velvet Velour cover for comfort and style.
  • Anti-skid fabric for mattress stability.

Product Features:

  • Royce III: A hybrid springless mattress for ultimate relaxation.
  • Microlatex from Belgium, exclusively for Lotus Bedding Group, provides excellent comfort.
  • Ergo Massage Foam Base with zoned comfort innovation for improved relaxation and spinal alignment.
  • Stress-Free Foam and Massage Contour Pad for pressure point relief and reduced back pain.
  • HD Comfort Foam for lasting comfort and ergonomic support.
  • Cotton knit cover with Sanicare for dust and allergy protection.
  • Opened-cell structure for airflow, cooling, and hygiene.
  • Velvet Velour cover in classic brown for a soft touch.
  • Anti-skid fabric prevents mattress movement.

Weight Balance System:

Orthor Foam Base, a special foam layer from Woodfield reinforced with ovary-shaped foam. It has the property of breaking down pressure. Create balance to support the weight, support the body and help adjust the spine according to the ergonomics. It has strong and durable properties. For a lifespan that is 2 times longer than usual
Outer fabric: Cotton Knit

Weight support system:

100% natural latex without chemicals imported from Belgium Let you experience pure relaxation that will open the opportunity to balance perfectly with the innovation of complete relaxation. Flexible with structure And effective weight distribution to break down the pressure of the body, which is a distinctive feature of 100% natural rubber, supports all body proportions correctly according to ergonomics. Helps to align the spine for hygienic sleep while increasing blood circulation to sleep that will complement your health in the long run. 100% natural latex can resist bacteria and dust mites accumulation.

Size Queen (5.0'x6.5')