Lotus - Royce-II - 6ft x 6.5ft - Latex Foam Mattress -9"


₨ 99,900.00

Lotus - Royce-II - 5ft x 6.5ft - Latex Foam Mattress -9"
Lotus - Royce-II - 5ft x 6.5ft - Latex Foam Mattress -9"
₨ 89,900.00
₨ 89,900.00
Lotus - Royce-III - 6ft x 6.5ft - Latex Foam Mattress -9.5"
Lotus - Royce-III - 6ft x 6.5ft - Latex Foam Mattress -9.5"
₨ 109,900.00
₨ 109,900.00

Lotus - Royce-II - 6ft x 6.5ft - Latex Foam Mattress -9"

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Float into the abyss of relaxation with the Royce II mattress, a hybrid springless mattress that delivers a soft, natural feel through the Ergo massage Foam Base, a quality foam material that uses the innovative Zoned Comfort, adjusting the smooth surface to be curled-like durian thorns. Convoluted makes it possible to create Balance and support the weight well. Combined with Microlatex, natural rubber through a special compression process (Micro compression) from Belgium. Reinforced with Stress-Free Foam, a soft, firm foam blended with Conjugate Hollo Fill II Fiber 380 gsm with a 7-cell ventilation perforation structure to adjust pressure distribution to help the circulatory system in the body work more smoothly. No beriberi
and add a Foam Massage contour pad with a Massage Convoluted surface to help relax tension points.

Thickness: 9 inches

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₨ 99,900.00

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  • Hybrid mattress without spring structure for a departure from traditional mattresses
  • Provides a natural softness for comfort
  • Microlatex natural rubber from Belgium with special Micro compression for even weight distribution
  • Massage Contour Pad to relax pressure points and reduce back pressure
  • Promotes easier circulation and prevents beriberi
  • Open-cell design for ventilation and a cool sleeping experience
  • Ergo massage Foam Base for balanced support and spine alignment
  • Stress-Free Foam for enhanced pressure distribution
  • Coated with natural plant Sanicare to inhibit dust mite growth and reduce allergies
  • Dust mite and bacteria-free for a healthier sleeping environment
  • Velvet velour cover in classic brown for a soft, skin-friendly touch
  • Isolates partner's movements to ensure undisturbed sleep
  • Anti-skid feature to prevent mattress movement.

Weight Balance System:

Orthor Foam Base, a special foam layer from Woodfield reinforced with ovary-shaped foam. It has the property of breaking down pressure. Create balance to support the weight, support the body and help adjust the spine according to the ergonomics. It has strong and durable properties. For a lifespan that is 2 times longer than usual
Outer fabric: Cotton Knit

Weight support system:

100% natural latex without chemicals imported from Belgium Let you experience pure relaxation that will open the opportunity to balance perfectly with the innovation of complete relaxation. Flexible with structure And effective weight distribution to break down the pressure of the body, which is a distinctive feature of 100% natural rubber, supports all body proportions correctly according to ergonomics. Helps to align the spine for hygienic sleep while increasing blood circulation to sleep that will complement your health in the long run. 100% natural latex can resist bacteria and dust mites accumulation.

Size King (6.0'x6.5')
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