Lotus Microdownia Medium Pillow


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Lotus Microdownia Soft Pillow
Lotus Microdownia Soft Pillow
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Lotus Microdownia Firm Pillow
Lotus Microdownia Firm Pillow
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Lotus Microdownia Medium Pillow

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The LOTUS MicroDownia pillow is also gentle on the skin, does not irritate the skin, features Microtex 330 cover with a resolution of 330 threads / 10 square centimeters. Woven with a special technique to add softness and shine like silk. Effectively prevents the dampness of sweat that may be caused by pressure while sleeping. Ready to print with Emboss technique to make the fabric pattern beautiful and maintain uniqueness. Create a 3D texture to bring balance to relax you in the night.

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₨ 6,500.00

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MicroDownia Fiber is meticulously designed and tested from an innovation to support the head and neck line. The distribution of weight helps maintain the curves of head and neck line resulting good deep sleep. This is also suitable for side sleepers and the texture is very soft like goose-like feather or duck-like feathers making it durable over 100 times.

MicroDownia Fiber is designed with modern technologies, it is also free from residues that cause allergens, with Opened-cell structure this pillow offers great nostril breathability.

Synthetic fiber filled

  • MicroDownia Fiber 100%
  • Microtex 330 Thread count / 10 square centimeters


  • It is made by special innovation of MicroDownia Fiber for relaxation and enable to support, distribute weight for the head part which offer comfortable sleep like never before
  • It is as light as goose-like feathers, duck-like feathers and 100 times more durable
  • It is a supporter at neck down to the spine correcting the ergonomics
  • It helps align the neck curves ergonomically and one should be worry free of neck pain, offer you a deep good sleep
  • it is also free from residues that cause allergens
  • It helps reduce humidity with property of open-cell structure, offers breathability and eliminate unwanted odor
  • Soft, smooth silky with lustrous Microtex 330 thread count / 10 square centimeters
  • It has coated woven fiber by natural substance to help protect from dust mites and bacteria
  • It is uniquely printed and embossed beautifully with 3D texture to give great balance and relaxing moments every night

​Dimension 20'' X 30''