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New Arrival
Fadear Sofa - Left Corner Fabric Dark Grey
₨ 121,400.00 ₨ 121,400.00 121400.0 NPR
New Arrival
Yaby Chair-Black Leg/Orange Velvet
₨ 14,700.00 ₨ 14,700.00 14700.0 NPR
New Arrival
Letto Bed 5'
₨ 154,100.00 ₨ 154,100.00 154100.0 NPR
New Arrival
Albania Coffee Table
₨ 54,700.00 ₨ 54,700.00 54700.0 NPR
Wooden coffee table, model Albania, brand Vintag PASSION Unique design Natural wood structure Suitable for a variety of sofas Complete your living room Made from premium grade materials Imported furniture
New Arrival
Verre Sideboard
₨ 80,900.00 ₨ 80,900.00 80900.0 NPR
SB Furniture, TV cabinet size 180 cm., Verre model, decorate the living room, Scandinavian style, decorate the house to be beautiful, See Through with the Verre collection of airy design. Outstanding by combining wood patterns with clear glass .., Wood grain cabinet body has many natural shades, both dark and light tones. With wood grain finish material in Forest Maple, I-walnut, Royal Acacia, and CLEAF material imported from Italy. Available in 2 colors, Hazel Timber and Smoke Timber, with colors, patterns, and textures like real wood, various designs in Loft style with dark wood or Scandinavian tone with light wood, comes with holes. String the wires behind the top right compartment. And in the middle of the table top, the door is open soft-close Innovation, closed light, quiet, inside is a leveling shelf, glass shelf can load 5 kg. (Weight distribution), black painted steel legs with adjustable rubber feet , Only the wooden pattern with continuous open door, can be purchased at SB Designsquare.
New Arrival
Aleece Sideboard TV160cm wide-Canyon Oak
₨ 52,900.00 ₨ 52,900.00 52900.0 NPR
SB Furniture, 160 cm sideboard for TV, (size W160 x D40 x H85 cm) Aleece model adds warmth to the living room with a distinctive Scandinavian style. Natural wood pattern That is a light color Make the whole room feel warm with Canyon Oak color and modern design. Can separate up to 2 storage compartments, 3 doors, both double and single doors, and 3 drawers, convenient to store in full space, can be purchased at SB Design Square.
New Arrival
KC-Play Ubed Bed BW5 - Lindberg Oak
₨ 53,000.00 ₨ 53,000.00 53000.0 NPR
New Arrival
KC-Play Hyper Multi Table - Lindberg Oak
₨ 21,900.00 ₨ 21,900.00 21900.0 NPR
New Arrival
Nisse Console CS170 - Black
₨ 63,500.00 ₨ 63,500.00 63500.0 NPR
New Arrival
Leyla Recliner - Brown
₨ 58,200.00 ₨ 58,200.00 58200.0 NPR
1 seat recliner chair model RECLINER LEYLA / leather fabric pattern / rocker / 1KRE *** brand SB FURNITURE HIGH QUALITY FABRIC imported fabric from abroad, soft and comfortable, ADJUSTABLE, adjustable to support every body in the modern style
New Arrival
Lelani Coffee Table - Veneer Walnut
₨ 64,000.00 ₨ 64,000.00 64000.0 NPR
New Arrival
Stool Split - Pink Leaf Pattern
₨ 11,000.00 ₨ 11,000.00 11000.0 NPR
New Arrival
Mick Sofa Bed - Natural Eucalyptus Wood Legs - Dark Blue Fabric
₨ 38,000.00 ₨ 38,000.00 38000.0 NPR
Mick sofa bed covered with imported fabric from abroad, soft and comfortable, does not shrink, can adjust the bed

New Arrival
Sonya Sofa - Left Corner - Dark Blue Fabric
₨ 121,000.00 ₨ 121,000.00 121000.0 NPR
Sofa corner, Sonia, left corner, Modern style Lined with high quality fabric imported from abroad. The frame is made of solid wood. For strength and durability Long use And also has storage space under the mattress The lid can be left open to store things inside more conveniently. Large design For family Helping to build a warm relationship with members Feel and touch soft. Sit comfortably, do not wear your back. And with the L shape sofa, it will save the usable space in your home as well.

New Arrival
Xabet Sofa - Corner - Purple/Light Purple
₨ 127,700.00 ₨ 127,700.00 127700.0 NPR
Modern style fabric sofa, size W246 x D156 X H88 cm. Made of solid wood, durable. Quality cover imported from abroad Soft touch The left-right corner can be switched with 1 cushion.
New Arrival
Tag Sofa - Left Corner - SL/Caramel
₨ 171,400.00 ₨ 171,400.00 171400.0 NPR
Contemporary style synthetic leather corner sofa, size W270 x D160 x H90 cm. Solid wood construction, durable. Covered with a grade of synthetic leather, the service life of synthetic leather under normal usage and proper care Can be used for 2 years, there are both left and right angles.
New Arrival
Gluta Sofa - SL/Dark Grey/Leather
₨ 266,700.00 ₨ 266,700.00 266700.0 NPR
Contemporary gluta leather corner sofa, size W273 x D273 X H96 cm. Made of solid wood, durable. The touch surface is covered with quality genuine leather, good ventilation. Life expectancy of genuine leather under normal use and proper maintenance. Can be used for 5 years, sitting soft and comfortable, supports the body Easy to maintain and clean The headrest can be adjusted. With steel plate design on the side, adding an elegant, beautiful
New Arrival
Canit Sofa (2S) - Natural Plastic - Light Gray Fabric
₨ 60,500.00 ₨ 60,500.00 60500.0 NPR
Fabric sofa, 2 seats, Scandinavian style, size W150 x D87 X H87 cm, solid wood construction Covered with good quality cloth imported from abroad. Soft touch Long service life Can be easy to clean Scan-style wooden legs The sofa has both 3 seats and 2 seats to choose from.

New Arrival
Yamin Chair 8074CH PU - Black
₨ 14,300.00 ₨ 14,300.00 14300.0 NPR
Steel chair, synthetic leather seat, model Yamin, brand SB Furniture (SB FURNITURE), modern style. Covered with high quality synthetic leather. Imported furniture
New Arrival
Lacoast Chair - Brown
₨ 13,100.00 ₨ 13,100.00 13100.0 NPR