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Soly Recliner SL Brown
₨ 79,800.00 ₨ 79,800.00 79800.0 NPR
Miku Recliner
₨ 47,225.00 ₨ 42,502.50 42502.5 NPR
1 seat recliner model MIKU brand SB FURNITURE that provides a soft and comfortable touch. Accommodate with relaxation With modern design and different colors To enhance the integrity And beautiful in your living room area
Banaris Recliner
₨ 92,000.00 ₨ 92,000.00 92000.0 NPR
Synthetic leather barn chair # 4, Contemporary style Covered with synthetic leather, grade A Lifetime of synthetic leather under normal use and proper maintenance. Can be used for 2 years. Brown gives a warm feeling. There are 2 colors, light brown and dark brown.