Fazo Dining Table A160 - Stone Black Base - Top Stone White


₨ 194,400.00

Trapez Screen SN150- G-Twist
Trapez Screen SN150- G-Twist
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Fazo Dining Table A160 - Stone Black Base - Top Stone White

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Elevate Your Dining Space: Experience Unmatched Durability and Modern Style with the Fazo All-Stone Dining Table from SB Furniture.

₨ 194,400.00 194400.0 NPR ₨ 194,400.00

₨ 194,400.00

  • Core Material
  • ​Dimension
  • Table Top
  • Legs

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Introducing the Fazo All-Stone Dining Table by SB Furniture: Unparalleled Strength and Modern Elegance

  • Model: Fazo All-Stone Dining Table - Exemplifying Durability and Style
  • Brand: SB Furniture - Renowned for Quality and Innovation
  • Material: Natural Stone - Each Piece Unique with Varied Patterns
  • Durability and Strength: Crafted from Natural Stone for Longevity
  • Modern Design: Blends Elegance with Contemporary Aesthetics
  • Imported Furniture: Ensures High-Quality Craftsmanship
  • Dimensions: Width 160 x Depth 90 x Height 77 cm - Ideal Dining Table Size
  • Sturdy Structure: Natural Stone Construction Offers Remarkable Strength
  • Unique Patterns: Each Table is Unique, Showcasing a Distinctive Stone Pattern.
Core Material Marble
​Dimension 160x90x77cm
Table Top Stone White
Legs Black Stone Base